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Decodem’s unique AI solution combs the entire internet and curates the right personalized market, technology, and consumer insights for you.

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The faster you move, the greater the edge. Like pro race car drivers, you need to look where you want to go, not right in front of you.

Use Decodem to get the earliest intel on trends, consumer chatter, patents, emerging technologies, and more to stay ahead of the curve.  

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We Offer

Trend Reports

We find unusual patterns in sectors like Automotive, Healthcare, Financial Services and many more. We also find unearth trends by technologies, brands, sectors or specific keywords.

Market Insights

We understand important stakeholders in a particular market and their respective positioning. We also provide visual landscapes basis analysis of app store presence, keyword searches & technology ownership.

Technology Trends

We analyze consumer feedback, research papers, patent databases to identify emerging technologies. We provide high velocity reports across new age technologies like AI, Blockchain, Web3, Metaverse, IoT, AR/VR and many more.

Competitor Analysis

We provide competitive landscapes across a sector covering various brands. We discover your competitor strategies and compare consumer, market, financial & technology perspectives.

Finding Your

 True North

Here is a behind the scenes peek into the technology that provides your insights