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Have a hunch? Don’t wait. Time is the most critical resource. Use our instant query reports as your first line of defense. Generate your own insights instantly with one click. It is as simple as google search. Insights span topics, sectors, trends & brands. Our machine will crunch multiple data sources across search, social media, apps, etc. to curate the report. Get alternate data view of market trends, competitor analysis, sector landscapes, stocks, technologies in seconds.

Note: Ran a query & didn't get a report? Have you checked your spam? If yes, key reason could be lack of data. We urge you to try a related keyword.


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  • Choose a use case, run report and get it via email

  • Fashion trends

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  • Same report as "Free" but with more data

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  • Fashion trends delivered monthly 

  • $10 per report per month

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  • User defined table of content reports across multiple data sources

  • Fashion trends + user chosen companies tracked + App feedback analysis + fashiontech tracking: Report delivered monthly

  • $300 per insight per month

  • Subscription