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Unmanned autonomous Vehicle (UAV) - a quick landscape

Unmanned autonomous Vehicle - A landscape

Machine analyzed that flying cars and drone-based delivery systems dominate the conversation.
Where is M&A thinking in the pandemic?

Where is M&A thinking in the pandemic?

Machine analyzed social media conversations on M&A and actual acquisitions /investments
For covid19 Internet mind map

In Covid19 what are people still searching for?

In Covid19 people are searching testing, zones, asympomatic, spikes, second waves...
Never let a crisis go waste... How to strategize in a pandemic?

How to strategize in a pandemic?

Machine tracked 100s wiki pages regarding automatic analysis of business/strategy planning
Forget surveys trust search

New reality: Are large scale surveys passed?

Earlier finding information was survey based. But now, there is a better way...
Data Science - Who do people learn from?

Data Science: Who do people learn from?

Machine analyzed 1578 tutors and 121 million views across 1600 video lectures

Landscapes Reports

Online Incubation... An Opportunity 

There is a huge opportunity to create a full-spectrum incubation content, and stream it live. 

InsurTech: A landscape

 A case study about insur tech  landscape that states technologies and intersection with various fields.

Rehabilitation landscape

Rehab is often used in the context of agingmental healthsports medicine, and recovery from serious injuries. Theseconversations have seen a spurt during the pandemic

Agtech Landscape: Ushering the digital era 

 A case study about agritech  landscape that states technologies and intersection with various fields.

Banking Tech

A case study about banking sector that focus on lending functions when it comes  to customer service, technology is yet to be deployed.

Open Banking: A landscape

The relevance of open banking is seen most in fintech companies, and conversations are emerging.

Skill Transition Maps

 There are several efforts to figure out the skilling needs in India, fast changing technologies that require employees to upskill or cross skill.

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