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How AI Can Help Improve Your Marketing Strategy.

Updated: May 24, 2022

Yes, you heard it right. AI can help improve your marketing strategy. In fact, be rest assured that an AI driven marketing strategy will deliver results. The number of businesses adopting artificial intelligence has grown by over 270% in the past four years, the global artificial intelligence market is set to reach $641.3 billion by 2028. (source:

Businesses adopting AI

What propelled the adoption of AI in the last two years?

The answer is Covid. With the world coming to a standstill due to the pandemic, many businesses were propelled with the need for digital transformation and innovation, putting AI and analytics at the centre of business operations. The pandemic provided an important lesson to business leaders across the world. The potential that data analytics and AI brings to the table.

Data analytics and AI

Many companies deployed AI during the pandemic to enable and expedite remote working, enhance customer experience, and decrease costs. AI developments and deployment during the pandemic have benefited retail, education, and healthcare sectors. From virtual learning to online doctor consultations, the pandemic propelled businesses to adopt digital transformation and deploy AI technologies at least 5 years early. Today, educators and doctors have realized that education and healthcare, respectively, can be provided virtually, efficiently, and effectively.

This brings us to your next question; how do I use AI in my marketing strategy?

This is a very valid question.

The world wide web has a plethora of information on AI, namely, its uses, benefits and how it will change the marketing landscape in the future.

Today there are many AI marketing tools available for marketers to use, that automate cognitive tasks. You will be able to spot current trends, as well as predict future trends, thereby ensuring the success of your marketing campaigns. Read on for more ways how AI can help marketers build effective action-oriented and profitable marketing strategies.

Content Marketing

AI has propelled a brand-new field known as content intelligence. AI provides data-insights and feedback to content creators that enable them to create and distribute content that will yield great success. How does this AI help content creation?

- Drafting efficiently optimized social media posts

- Writing data-driven blogs for better SEO rankings

- Emailers and website content and copy

- A/B testing landing pages for better performance

- Conducting effective keyword research

AI will help provide data-driven insights and feedback, thereby making the process of content creation easier and more effective.

AI Powered Analysis

AI powered analysis equips marketers to determine future consumer behaviours, that enable them to create effective marketing strategies. With AI-powered analytics, you can drive marketing success in many ways.

- Determine what’s working and what’s not in your website and other marketing platforms.

- Optimize video content by understanding when your audience disengages

- Enhance lead scoring to find potential customers

- Get insights into your competitors

- Predict consumer behaviour

Better Advertisements

As previously stated, AI can easily unearth trends and consumer insights, which marketers can use to create better advertisements. AI can help break the advertising clutter. It can help your brand talk to the right audience, increase reach, get more views and engagement. There are AI powered tools that can help write headlines, create ads, and push notifications using your brand’s marketing language and tone of voice. AI driven tools can customize part of your advertisement to reach different audiences.

Product Recommendations

AI with the use of machine learning can help product recommendations online. Traditional algorithms are not capable of handling large amounts of data nor can they recognize patterns and trends that can flag or spot the consumer’s intent. This is where artificial intelligence comes in. Big data, deep learning and natural language processing algorithms help spot trends, read images and texts, while continuously learning.

Recommendation engines powered by AI, make quick recommendations that are custom to each consumer’s needs based on their behaviour and preferences.

Better Customer Service

Customer service via chatbots is the leading AI – powered application being deployed today. Chat bots today, can hold real-time conversations with customers by using artificial intelligence. This is a great way to build a brand’s credibility, engage with the customers, provide real-time solutions to your customers and overall boost a brand’s loyalty. A chat bot can work round – the – clock and attend to the customers’ needs online.

Email Marketing

Email marketing today is a bit of a challenge. Consumers receive hundreds of emails daily from different brands, shopping websites, apps, social media platforms and more. The open count and click rates of emailers have dropped significantly over the last decade. Artificial intelligence can step in here, to help improve email marketing strategies. AI-powered email marketing tools can help increase the open count and click rates. These tools can write email subject lines, it can personalize e-mailer content, re-structure email campaigns using past data, and more.

AI-powered email technology can help optimize email campaigns for improving delivery rate, increase profits and reduce costs.


Artificial intelligence is the future of marketing. Just keep in mind it is essential to choose and deploy the right AI powered tools to boost your marketing strategy, as these tools need to be able to process large chunks of customer data at high accuracy.

AI powered tools

If you want to maintain your company’s competitive edge, the next step would be to invest in AI technology. From content marketing, to lead generation, sales conversions, and customer service – every aspect of business can benefit from the implementation of AI for future marketing strategies. 2022 is the right time to get started with AI marketing. Kickstart your journey today!

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