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Make Better Marketing Decisions using AI

Marketing insights generated in 5 Minutes on any keyword, brand, app, or sector. Get Started For Free.


Custom Analysis

Get reports on Keyword of your choice

Real time data

 Insights generated on the fly & delivered within 5 minutes


Across data sources

(search, social media, traffic, forums etc)


Get the first 20 reports for Free

Multi-channel access


Via Chat

For enterprises

Via commands      

ChatGPT frameworks

What can decodem do for you?

Find what consumers are searching for, brands that are trending, SEO focus areas, ideas for your campaign & more by just entering a keyword

Abstract Lines
Abstract Lines

"I just ran a query with your instant query tool for a product idea that we are researching. The output is very useful as a starting point & the infographics are neat too. The data corroborates well with searches for same keyword in ran in Google search console and Ahrefs"

Vinjimoor Srinivas Krishnaswamy

Co- founder at  Krya

More than 200 companies have leveraged us for Insights

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