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Boom or bust top analyst views

Boom or bust top analyst views

Machine found that many analysts had airlines with sell suggestions and the status hasn't changed

Non-essential health services

Non-essential health services

There is lot of latent demand on non essential healthcare. But where to go?
Telehealth: bringing in the healthcare efficiencies!

Telehealth: bringing in the healthcare efficiencies!

Due to pandemic Telemedicine has increased a way to manage patients in remote locations

Reopening paradox of the economy

Reopening paradox of the economy

Raise in the cases, results in the retail footfall showing steep drop or stagnation.
Job search by state: What are candidates looking for?

Job search: What are candidates looking for?

Machine analyzed that the The job demand for public sector jobs is high across states.
Tracking recovery in furniture sector

Tracking recovery in furniture sector

Machine analyzed that in the furniture sector, most end products are showing an uptick in interest.

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Race to reopen... How are countries reopening? 

A case study about the status of the reopening of various countries after lockdown and trying to get back to normal. 

Sustainable Living: Spotlight 

The case study focuses on Sustainable living conversations and sustainable food consumption around pandemic.

Online Education... A Case Study

A case study about online education & its efficacy to deliver and what steps should be taken for its betterment.

The resilient Indian Grass-Roots entrepreneurs!

A case study about the trends that are generated by the entrepreneurs would be deterred by the current conditions, we couldn’t be more wrong.

Work from Home (WFH) Reality Check

The case study states that the sedentary lifestyle of work from home employees are worried about weight and fitness.

Race to reopen... India Snapshot 

Can India learn from some other countries that seem to have a better handle on the situation?

Race to reopen... India Snapshot Version 2

In India, the infections show no sign of letting up. To some extent, people are learning to live with this new reality, but the true economic recovery is still ways off.

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