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Social media (hashtag) activism

Social media (hashtag) activism

Social media made hashtag activism easy.But, does it bring change? or just trends and fades
Spiritual Mondays

People feel particularly spiritual on Mondays

After Covid19 crisis, the number of podcasts and downloads on the spiritual topics has increased...
Boom or Bust What top analysts take?

Boom or Bust: How will industries fare?

We focused on industries that have most companies with a divergence of opinions Strong buy and sell
Surprising decade levels highs… Will it drive the new-normal?

Wondering what is the new normal?

The search trends have changed dramatically. Do traditional schools matter or do we home school?
Wanderlust: where shall we go?

We can’t travel now the wanderlust is back

Machine analyzed the trends on top destinations that people are looking for...
News Themes Evolution: Feb 20 to Jun 20

News Themes Evolution: Feb 20 to Jun 20

How the Coronavirus crisis has upturned news coverage: a time-lapse

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Multi-data source multi-algorithm decision making & actionable roadmap

Trends Reports

Race to reopen... How are countries reopening? 

A case study about the status of the reopening of various countries after lockdown and trying to get back to normal. 

Online Education... A Case Study

A case study about online education & its efficacy to deliver and what steps should be taken for its betterment.

Race to reopen... India Snapshot 

Can India learn from some other countries that seem to have a better handle on the situation?

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